Saturday, February 26, 2005

Writing is hard!

I'm working on my first annual review as a librarian, and it's turning out to be quite a challenge. In my old job, I had to write annual reviews as well, but these were intended solely for my supervisor and library administration. My librarian review has to go through a peer review process that determines a final performance rating that establishes how much of a raise I'll get for the next fiscal year. Therefore I need to write the review such that it clearly portrays to librarians who don't deal daily with digital library issues the importance of the work I do, and that I'm good at it. I've never been all that good at explaining what I do to other people - I guess I just figure since I realize it's important, everyone else should too. But of course I know that's not true. I've decided my best approach is to treat this like a learning experience. OK, enough ranting - back to work on the review!


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