Thursday, April 06, 2006 launched

I was recently honored to be asked to participate with a stunningly informed and diverse group of library technology types in an online initiative called TechEssence. TechEssence is envisioned as a rich resource for library decision-makers to learn just enough about a wide variety of technologies to allow them to make good decisions. I'm a big fan of this approach - not everyone can know everything, and many of us need succinct information with just the right amount of evaluation from those with experience. As of yesterday, the site is now officially launched!

Here's a summary from Roy Tennant, our fearless leader:
The essence of technology for library decision-makers

A new web site and collaborative blog on technology for library
decision-makers is now available at
TechEsssence provides library managers with summary information about
library technologies, suggested criteria for decision-making, and
links to resources for more information on essential library

A collaborative blog provides centralized access to some of the best
writers in the field. By subscribing to the RSS feed of the blog, you will be able to keep tabs on the latest
trends of which library administrators should be aware.

To accomplish this I am joined by a truly amazing group:

* Andrew Pace
* Dorothea Salo
* Eric Lease Morgan
* Jenn Riley
* Jerry Kuntz
* Marshall Breeding
* Meredith Farkas
* Thomas Dowling

For more information on the group, see our "about us" page at

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