Monday, July 07, 2008

I couldn't resist

I'm not one to participate in many blog memes, but seeing all the Wordle clouds out there, I just couldn't resist creating one for FRBR.


Anonymous said...

Interesting that the top level entities, Work, Expression and Manifestation are so much larger than "item." Maybe because the concept of "items" is understood pretty well, while the others are more abstract.

Charles Blair said...

It's interesting how a purely computational approach to text can, in the following case, provide meaningful results. I pasted the first page of the chapter on Tempo in Ridolfo Capoferro's 1610 treatise on Italian rapier combat, Gran Simulacro Dell'arte e dell'uso della scherma (Great Simulacrum on the Art and Use of Fencing), into Wordle, and the two most frequently occurring words are Tempo (not surprisingly) and Misura. Since Time and Measure (or Distance) are directly proportional in fencing, that is, the greater the distance the longer the time it takes to traverse it, these two words fairly epitomize the topic. Anyway, here's the result.

Thom said...

Here's one I created based on the LC Working Group report: